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90% of our partners are vaccinated.

Cook At Home

This plan is for people who are looking for 'Ghar Ka Khanna'.

  • 4+ years Experience
  • Expertise in Basic Cuisines(Ghar Ka Khanna)(North Indian & South Indian Cuisines).
  • Party At Home

    This plan is best for Get - Togethers, House Parties and for people looking to bring variety to their kitchen on daily basis.

  • 8+ years Experience
  • Expertise in Multi Cuisines (Trained In North Indian, South Indian, Chinese & Continental.)
  • Tasty Meals
    At Your Comfort

    We at Chillpill provide you with 'A cook at home' according to your requirements.
    Ghar Ka Khana

    Avoid junk food and get yourself served a delicious home cooked, healthy meal.

    Taste is our Forte

    The cooks we provide are professionally trained and have an expertise in multi cuisines with years of experience.

    We leave the kitchen cleaned

    Not only you get tasty food but the afterwood hassle of cleaning the kitchen and utensils is also taken care by our professionals.

    Safety is our priority

    All the cooks have been vaccinated and take proper precautions in order to keep you and your family safe.

    Our Affordable Pricing

    Prices Starting
    ₹ 2,999 /month

    Our subscription makes it easy to hire and manage your home cook : No unnecessary absenteeism and no online ordering.

  • Hassle Free Booking
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Hygienic Kitchen
  • Sanitization
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    No Contract, No Surprise fees.

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    Meet the Cooks

    Suresh Chandra
    8 year experience
    Mater paneer
    Fish Curry
    Egg Curry
    Ram Kumar
    5 year experience
    Dal Makhni
    Ganesh Kumar
    7 year experience
    Shahi Paneer
    Dal Tadka
    Fish Curry